Thursday, July 12, 2007

I hate to write. But this is important.

I have started this Blog thing because I feel I have something important to say. And I spend a fair amount of time saying it in various iterations, usually across the table from someone who asks me about my Christian Faith. However, Gentle Reader, I find writing an onerous task, unlike my friend, Mr. Cowart, who takes some kind of masochistic pleasure in it. But hopefully, by this means, I can say some things that will be helpful to someone. I am angered when I encounter persons in the Christian Ministry who are being employed to promote the doctrines of Christianity, as they are expressed in the Bible, who do not believe the Bible, and seek to undermine its authority. I find these mistake their schooling for an education, and thus tend to consider themselves above admonition or correction. I respect their right to believe what they wish. But to take a salary and all the other perks that go with professional ministry, and then to use this platform to undermine the Book that authorizes their job is dishonest. I think it amounts to malfeasance of office.

Well, enough of the grousing. I came to Christ as an honest Agnostic when I was about 17 years old. I was a suicidal philosopher trying to find a good reason not to commit suicide. I developed an ulcer from this. By reading from the classical philosophers and some of the modern ones, I discovered that they didn’t know either; they just wouldn’t admit it. God invaded my space one day and made Himself known to me in a way
that answered my questions. Since that time, I have had an interest, almost an obsession, to understand for myself and to explain to others why the Bible is trustworthy, and why the Christian Faith should be believed. I think it would be ridiculous to believe in something that will not stand up to examination. However, if the Faith of Jesus Christ is what it claims to be, and if it tolerates the light of examination, then it is of eternal consequence whether one believes it or not.

When I post again in a few days, I want to start trying to explain some of that.

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